This 24×36 canvas painting was inspired from attending my first yoga class. I used acrylic paint as the main medium. I wanted to use serene colors; the background looks like a distinct image of a sunset by the water. The abstract image in the middle is supposed to represent a person meditating. Instead of painting a person meditating, I wanted to create a symbol by using shapes to represent a person. The purpose of this painting is to give a sense of higher power, self awareness, and a soothing sensation to the viewer.


I was given these old skateboard decks, and decided to refurbish and redesign them myself. I cut out magazine pages and glued them onto the first deck of the right photo, and drew palm trees on tops of that with sharpie and micron pens. I repainted the second skate deck and added a rose image in the middle, followed by Chinese characters around that. I also added the red drips on top by putting red acrylic paint and polymer into a squeeze bottle and applying that on the board.

Photo Collage II

This is another photo collage that I created with a more complex process. I took digital photos around Dumbo, printed out the pictures – all from different sceneries, cut the photos out and manipulated them by creating multiple sceneries into one. Once I finished cutting and gluing the pieces of photos together- I decided to move the collage around in a scanner, which caused the distorted movement viewed from the left side of the collage.


Photography: Cristina Mirao

This shoot was a collaboration between FIT students. I wore and modeled for Melon Wong, a Fashion Design student’s collection called “Solidarity.” These photos were photographed by Cristina Mirao, a photography student; and, the makeup was done by Maya Browne.